Windows 11 Will Change The Infamous Blue Screen of Death

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The start menu is not the only thing getting a visual overhaul in Window 11. As it turns out, Microsoft has changed Windows 10’s blue screen of death to black in Windows 11.


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A new report from The Verge shows that Windows 11 will get black screens of death instead. This will be the first major tweak to the Windows interface since Microsoft added QR codes to the OS in 2016.

Overall, the fatal error screen looks no different from before other than the color change.

Microsoft has not enabled the black screen of death in Windows 11 yet, mainly because the OS is still in preview and Insider builds, which usually feature green screens of death instead. A report from Gizmodo shows how to enable black screen of death through Windows 11 registry, but it’s not worth it given how it’s an error nobody wants to see.

It is unclear why Microsoft is changing the color of the Blue Screen of Death. The Verge suggests that it could be because the company is changing other parts of the Windows interface to give it a more modern look.

It is also worth mentioning that the UI could look different in the final release expected in October.

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