ZTE Teases Axon 30 5G Smartphone With Invisible Under-Display Camera

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Back in 2020, ZTE Axon 20 was launched as the world’s first commercially available device with an under-display (UD) selfie camera.

Now, the company has officially revealed that its successor, the Axon 30 Pro 5G, will soon arrive with a second-gen UD camera. The older version of the under-display camera was somewhat visible when viewed in certain lighting conditions but the next-gen version promises to be completely invisible.

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While the company hasn’t exactly spilled the beans, a few sources are pointing towards ZTE President Ni Fei’s statement, which hinted at a new device coming this month, preferably on 22nd July.


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Besides the much anticipated UD camera setup, the rest of the spec sheet still remains in the dark as ZTE is planning an all-out crazy debut of their newest smartphone in the 5G range. Interestingly, the Axon 30 5G may sport specs similar to its 30 Pro and Ultra siblings, since both of them also house an under-display camera.

Whatever the case, a few unofficial sources are confident that the Axon 30 5G will come with at least one 64MP sensor and a big battery with fast-charge capability.

In terms of performance, the phone may feature either the Snapdragon 870 or 780G, on the back of ZTE’s user-friendly strategy to make flagship phones that cost less than an upper mid-range Samsung phone.

Rumor or no rumor, a lot of questions will be answered on 22nd July.

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