Banking Mohtasib Saved Over Rs. 305 Million of Bank Customers


The Banking Mohtasib Pakistan has provided monetary relief of Rs. 305.50 million to customers by addressing a total of 14,910 complaints during the first half (January—June) of the current calendar year 2021.

According to official data, nearly 99 percent (14,755) of the complaints were resolved amicably, and only 1 percent (155) required resolution through formal orders.


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There is no letup in the number of complaints being lodged against commercial banks with the Banking Mohtasib as nearly 20,220 new complaints, including 13,027 from the Prime Minister’s Portal, were received between 1 January and 30 June this year.

There has been an increase of 81 percent in the number of complaints lodged with the Banking Mohtasib against commercial banks during the first half of the current year 2021 as against the first half of the last calendar year 2020 when 11,174 complaints were filed.

During the first half of the last calendar year (2020), the Banking Mohtasib Office had provided monetary relief amounting to Rs. 318.60 million to the banking customers by disposing of 11,251 complaints. More complaints had been disposed of than received due to the fact that some complaints were carried forward from the year 2019.


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With an aim to protect banking customers from frauds and forgeries, the Banking Mohtasib Pakistan continuously reminds them not to disclose their personal and financial information to anyone.

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