Oppo Plans to Bring Revolutionary AI With 6G in 2035

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The next generation of mobile network technology may be more than a decade away, but that is not stopping Oppo from talking about ambitious plans for the future. The Chinese brand has released a white paper that discusses 6G and how it will revolutionize AI to affect our daily lives.


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According to this white paper, Oppo believes that 6G will be able to:

Reshape the way people interact with AI and will become a truly public-serving technology that can be used by everyone.

One of its applications would be autonomous vehicles and how they will be able to assign “the most appropriate AI algorithm” for optimal communication based on the location of objects and the environment around them. Vehicles will be able to teach each other how to provide the safest and most comfortable journey passengers.

Henry Tang, the Chief 5G Scientist at Oppo believes that 6G will begin standardizing in 2025, and a commercial implementation should be expected by 2035. He adds that AI units around the world will far exceed the number of humans in the world. This will make it easier for AI units to work together and communicate to create a network to help meet the needs of people.

The white paper mostly gives an idea of what an ideal world should look like with 6G. A lot of work needs to be done still, but at least Oppo has already established a pre-research team for 6G technology.

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