Two-Dose COVID-19 Vaccines Are Vital Against Delta Variant: EMA

European Medicines Agency (EMA) has claimed that two-dose COVID-19 vaccines are vital in ensuring maximum protection against the Delta variant, the highly transmissible strain of Coronavirus which first emerged from India.

In an official statement, EMA said that preliminary data has confirmed that both doses of two-dose Coronavirus vaccines are required to develop adequate levels of protection against the Delta strain.


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EMA urged countries to speed up their COVID-19 vaccination campaigns, adding that sticking to the gap between the two doses recommended by the vaccine manufacturers is imperative in achieving protection against the Delta variant.

It called the Delta variant a “variant of concern” and noted that the strain is spreading rapidly across Europe that could seriously hamper the efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. EMA expects the Delta variant to account for more than 90% of Coronavirus cases in the EU by the end of August.


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Besides, EMA has said that studies have also found that mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines of different pharmaceutical companies is a safe and effective practice against Coronavirus.

It added that adhering to such a vaccination strategy would allow populations to be protected more quickly and improvise the use of available supplies of Coronavirus vaccines.

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