Govt Opposes Extending Contract of CEO NITB


The federal government has decided not to extend the contract of Chief Executive Officer of National Information Technology Board (NITB) Shabahat Ali Shah.

The Secretary of Information Technology confirmed this development, saying that the government is not extending his contract.

The Prime Minister Secretariat was not happy with the performance of NITB as it failed to develop an effective online system.

There were issues with uploading summaries as well as other documents in time on Tablet PCs which were provided to cabinet members.

Besides this, NITB also failed to develop a comprehensive system to protect users’ details from hackers.

Sources said that the cabinet division has conducted a third-party audit of the NITB system and the user details are easily hackable.

Sources said that Shabahat Ali Shah left for the USA once he confirmed that the government is not extending his job contract.

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