On World Emoji Day, Here is a List of Top 5 Emotions You Showed Careem

Remember the days when MSN messenger ruled the world of social media? It had everything that one asked for back in the days. From chatbox to status uploads to even a video calling feature that was way ahead of its time.

There were even some hilarious tactics to ask for attention, like the almighty ‘Nudge’ button that would literally shake up your entire screen (we are all guilty of using those), and who can forget those funny winks. Man, those were some good old days!

With that comes to mind the evolution of emojis and how using them has become an integral part of our daily lives. It has gotten to a point where they have almost replaced the textual response as they are completely capable of conveying the message loud and clear even when used independently.

This is also adopted by leading brands these days to interact with their existing or potential customers where they use these emojis to communicate their messages while also keeping the tone that is easily understandable to the current generation.

Today, as we celebrate World Emoji Day 2021, let’s have a look at how Careem, a brand known to creatively engage their customers by truly harnessing social media tactics, uses Emojis to interact with customers and also has fun while doing it.

We will also look at the most commonly used emojis by them and their customers and what’s the general sentiment around this trend.

Here’s the list of most commonly used emojis from last year.

  1.  💚 (Greenheart) – this one doesn’t come as any surprise since it’s the color of their logo. In the last one year, Careem has used this emoji more than 8000 times.
  2. 😉 (Wink) – this wink emoji was used more than 1500 times in one year, making it the second most commonly used emoji.
  3. 🙌 (Hi-Fives) – Well, who doesn’t like a good hi-five? Hi-five emojis were sent more than 700 times last year, keeping the morale and spirits high.
  4. 🤗 (Hugging Face) – What better way to show support or love to your customers than a hug? This was used more than 700 times as well.
  5. 👀 (Rolling Eyes) – This cheeky emoji comes in very handy after making a snarky comment to their Twitter trollers. This emoji was used more than 600 times in the last year. That is one too many eye-rolls for a chatbot 👀

Since there was a storm of Emojis used by Careem on their social media pages, it is natural for the customers to reciprocate those emojis. Here’s a list of the top 5 emojis that Careem has received from their customers.

  1. 😂 (Laughing Face) – No surprises here. Their style surely made people laugh, more than 7000 customers used this emoji to express their true feelings in the last year.
  2. 😍 (Heart Eyes)- More than 1100 customers sent this emoji to express their love for the service, or the brand, or maybe one of the Captains…
  3. 😡 (Angry Face)- there were more than 500 angry customers as well, naturally, you can’t make everyone happy we guess?
  4. 👍 (Thumbs Up) – they got more than 700 thumbs up. If you ask us, this one is the most boring emoji
  5. 🙄 (Eye Rolls)- more than 800 people got annoyed and rolled their eyes at them too. It’s okay, we get you! All part of the game!


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