Karachi University Makes Big Blunders in Ph.D. & M.Phil Entrance Tests


The administration of Karachi University (KU) has rendered the transparency of the M.Phil and Ph.D. entrance tests questionable by printing the correct answers on the test papers.

The test centers were set up in different departments of KU for the entrance test on 18 July. The test was based on MCQs and the correct answers were highlighted in bold text.

KU had reportedly computerized the test process using the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.


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While speaking about the gaffe, the spokesperson for the Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) students of KU, Ahmed Muneeb, said that the administration is continuing old policies under new titles. He told the media how the university justifies its increase in fees by claiming to provide the best facilities but its administration has failed to provide even necessary facilities. He demanded that the best facilities be provided to the students in return for the heavy fees that they pay.


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He also claimed that last year’s admissions of the M.Phil and Ph.D. students had been made on the basis of favouritism.

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