The 10 Best schools in Karachi


Since getting quality education is the basic right of each and every human being, and with no doubt one cannot survive in this modern and advance world without good and proper education, with each passing day things are getting advanced and modernized, so it is very important to be properly educated in today’s world.

While, Providing the children with quality and standard education is the foremost responsibility of the parents and selecting the best school for them is the first step in this matter.

Karachi, being the largest city of Pakistan, has an enormous number of schools in it, and selecting the best among them for your child is the most hard task. Selecting school is very time-consuming, confusing, and tough process for parents because they have to look at various aspects like location, fee structure, school performance and environment, etc.

Most of the time the parents chose wrong institute for their child, only due to lack of information or wrong information. This article will be very helpful for you regarding selecting the best school for your children, if you are living in Karachi.

Literacy rate in Pakistan is decreasing day by day (60% to 58%, as per a new survey), and one of the major causes of this declining is that our schooling system across the country has lost their credibility among people. Parents are not trusting them with their children. Most of the government as well as private schools are not providing quality education, they do not have proper staff and other facilities. But among them, there are such institutes still present that are honestly working for building the better generation for Pakistan and providing standard education.

List of Top 10 Schools in Karachi:

Here is the list of top 10 best schools in Karachi, as we know picking few best among them is very difficult, however after proper research and study we come with the following list, and we guarantee that your kid will get a quality education from these institutes.

1. Karachi grammar school

2. Education Bay School Karachi

3. Mama Parsi school.

4. Karachi American school.

5. British Overseas School (B.O.S).

6. Bayview school.

7. C.A.S. School.

8. The city schools.

9. St Patrick’s High School.

10. The Lyceum School.

Karachi grammar school

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Karachi grammar school (kgs) is one of the oldest English-medium private school in Karachi. It is also said to be the 2nd oldest school of the Asia. Henry Brereton- chaplain of the Karachi, established it during British rule in1875.

This school has co-education system, providing quality education to the people, that too at affordable rates.

KGS is one of the best schools in Karachi, and presently a member of the Winchester international symposium.

Earlier it was boarding school but now it is only a coeducational day school, and it provides both metric/intermediate and O/A level system to the students.


This school has 4 sections: providing 15-year education from KG to A-levels.

  1. Kindergarten section- from nursery to class 2
  2. Junior section-from class 3 to class 7
  3. Middle section-from class 7 to 9
  4. College- metric/intermediate and O/A level

Campuses Locations:

The school has 3 campuses, locating at three different locations.

  1. Kindergarten & Junior Sections is located at Clifton Karachi.
  2. Middle Section is located at Karachi Saddar.
  3. College section is located at Clifton Karachi.

Some famous alumni of the school:

Benazir Bhutto, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, president Arif Alvi, Asif Ali Zardari, Actress Hareem Farooq, Abdurrahman Wahid–Indonesian Former President, CEO of Dawn-Hameed Haroon and many more.

Education Bay School Karachi

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Education Bay school system is the top-level schooling system, not only in Karachi but all over Pakistan.

This is an extremely advanced learning institute that alters the character of the students by giving them a high grade education of international norms.

Apart from providing high-quality academics, they also make sure that all their students also equally take part in extra co-circular activities like sports, drama, inters school competitions, and other community services., helping them to grow their skills and abilities.

Also, they have very talented, and experienced plus well-educated staff.


They have 4 sections: starting from pre-primary to Cambridge O-Levels:

  • Pre-primary
  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Cambridge O level or metric/intermediate.


Education Bay School is located in DHA Karachi.

Mama Parsi school

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Mama Parsi school is oldest all-girls school of Karachi. Jamshed Nusserwanjee Mehta- a Parsi philanthropist and Mayor of Karachi established it in 1918.

It is all-girls high secondary school, and works in 2 shifts i.e., morning shift and evening shift. The Morning shift comprises classes 8, & the afternoon shifts comprise class 1 to 7.

Being the oldest and top schools in Karachi, they convey standard education to girls regarding academics, behaviors, as well as character grooming.

The school has both matriculation and Cambridge O/A-level system.


It has 4 sections:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • Metric/O-level
  • A level


Mama Parsi school is located on Jinnah Road, Karachi Saddar.

Karachi American school

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Karachi American school is one of the top schools in Karachi, providing international level standard education to the students.

KAS is also an English-medium and co-education school and was established in 1953 and was known previously as “the International School of Karachi”.

The school system comprises 2 semesters: first from Aug to mid-Dec & 2nd from Jan to May.

The school has a wonderful modern structure, extremely equipped laboratory, many sports activities and highly qualified faculty members, thus this school has a very tough competition, and it is very difficult to get admission here.


This school has 3 sections:

  • Primary (1 to 5)
  • Secondary (6 to 9)
  • O/A Levels


Karachi American school is located on Amir Khusro Road, Karachi,

British Overseas School (B.O.S):

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British Overseas school is one of the best and oldest schools in Karachi, that was set up in 1958.

It was firstly founded for the migrant families but later, in 2000, they permitted locals for admissions too.

The school has highly qualified faculty, and modernized facilities for students, as well as it is the only school in Karachi that follows British curriculum, which is based upon the National Curriculum Programmes of Study.

The school offers education from Kindergarten to IGCSE (A level). And apart from the superb study related activities, the school also provides curricular events and activities to lift the self-confidence & other qualities of the students.


This school has 3 sections:

  • Primary (pre-nursery to 5 class)
  • Secondary (6 class to 11 class)
  • A- levels


British Overseas school is located at Phase 7, DHA Karachi.

Bayview school

Bayview school is one of the top private, co-educational institute of Karachi.

It is highly focused toward their students and their educational as well as personal, social behavior & intellectual growth.


It has four sections:

  • Junior section-from kindergarten to Grade 5
  • Middle section – from class 6 to class 9.
  • O-Levels
  • A-Levels


Bayview school campuses are located at Clifton Karachi and Civil Lines Karachi.

C.A.S. School:

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C.A.S or Center of Advanced Studies is another top-notch private school, located in Karachi. It was established in 1981 and has two campuses i.e., main campus (from class 3 to class 11) and kindergarten campus (from KG to class 2)

The Center of Advanced Studies school provides a 14-year study program, starting from KG up to O levels.


The CAS has 3 sections:

  • Kindergarten Section (includes PG, KG1, KG2, class 1 & class 2)
  • Junior Section (from class 3 to class 6)
  • Senior Section (from class 7 to class 11)


Center of Advanced Studies school is located in Phase 8, DHA Karachi.

The city schools

The city school’s system is one of the most famous, biggest, and prestigious private schooling systems across the entire Pakistan. The city schools, also known as TCS, were established in 1978.

In TCS, the primary section pursues the UK’s education program while the Secondary school is under the Pakistani & Cambridge curriculum.

TCS is one of the fastest growing schooling system and is broadly known for its quality education.


The city school is located near Shaheed-e-Millat Extension, Karachi.

St Patrick’s High School

St Patrick’s High School is the roman catholic educational organization established in 1861, allied with the Roman Catholic Church.

It is the second-oldest school, located in Karachi, after Karachi Grammar school.

This internationally acknowledged school provides students starting from pre-school to A-level. Since its inception until now it has delivered many famous professors, legislators, leaders & businessmen.


St Patrick’s High School is located at Karachi Saddar.

The Lyceum School:

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Last, but not the least, The Lyceum School is another famous and standard private school located in Karachi. It was established in 1987.

The fundamental aim of Lyceum is to build an atmosphere that allows the students to understand their capacity equally in academics and as a humanity representatives.

The Lyceum School has specialized in a 2-year long A-level program and has students ranging in age from 16 to 19.

The Lyceum School follows Cambridge Educational system CAIE. It concentrates on the core curriculum and offers co-curricular activities to create and engage in talent and interests.


The Lyceum School is located at Clifton Karachi.

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