Daewoo buses to setup its assembly plant in Pakistan


Daewoo has announced that it will import modern luxury buses from King Long, beginning in early 2022. Daewoo Pakistan has begun importing 13 million 49-seater buses from the Chinese manufacturer King Long as Complete Built-up Units (CBUs), according to reliable sources.

In a brochure, Daewoo also mentioned that the inside would feature a front VIP cabin and a back economic zone. The interiors of the buses have been designed to promote comfort and elegance.

The buses are low riders with a double windshield design, which means their bodies are closer to the ground for added stability at high speeds. The impact of rapid braking is likewise lessened with a low-riding body.

On July 27, Javed Afridi, a significant MG Pakistan shareholder, said that JW Forland brought the luxury bus experience to Pakistan, adding that 20 of the 50 vehicles had already joined Faisal Movers.

For a long time, Pakistan’s public transportation system has been in desperate need of improvement. These moves are expected to be well received by the public.

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