A Complete Guide to Vehicle Verification in Islamabad

Buying a car has become an essential thing for the people living in big cities, it has become necessary for them to have a car, for various reasons but since, about more than half population of Pakistan belongs to middle-and upper middle class, and they cannot afford to buy a brand-new car, so they rely on buying used/ 2nd-hand cars.

Using a 2nd-hand car has its very own benefits, you can also just use it for testing and practicing, but the focal point that I am trying to tell you here is that never forget to verify the used car you buy.

Verification means knowing whether they already registered the car you are buying with Excise and taxation department or not, by checking its owner’s information. It verifies the seller’s authenticity and the legal rights of the car you are buying.

Verification of cars is very important, if you skip this step, there is a high chance that in future you would face a lot of problems. Because most of the times illegal cars are not registered, and at the time of buying you have no information regarding the legality of the car.

Vehicle Verification allows you to check details for any vehicle by providing basic information, which includes the registration number or the owner’s Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) number where applicable.

Most of the time people hesitate in doing these procedures because of the fact that they are oftentimes very confusing and turns out to be very lengthy too, as well as, going to Government offices and standing at queues while waiting for your number requires a lot of energy and time.

Due to advancing technologies, this verification can also be done online, but still many few know the exact process.

The verification process varies for every province, and for the ICT (Islamabad capital territory) it is also different.

Here in is this article, we will guide you about the excise and taxation Islamabad vehicle verification entire process

The Excise and Taxation department:

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The excise and taxation department are responsible for the registration and verification of vehicles all over the country. The excise and taxation dept website is the only allowed website for doing registration and verification processes online, so make sure not to consider any other website for such confidential procedures, other than the official one.


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The department of excise and taxation has launched the Motor Transport Information Management System (MTMIS) specially for the vehicle’s registration and verification purposes.

This initiative by the excise and taxation department has made these lengthy and confusing procedures easy and effortless.

MTMIS system helps you to verify the vehicle/motorbike you are buying, it is the central repository of all the information about vehicle registration, verification, laws and issues, criminal records, and offences against the traffic rules.

By providing basic data, they give you all the relevant information regarding the vehicle and its vendor, thus helps you, in not getting into any type of scam and confirms that you are buying an authentic and authorized vehicle, not an illegal or stolen one.

Important documents that you will need for verification:

Before moving towards the actual verification processes, let us discuss the necessary and important documents that you might need somewhere in the entire verification process.

Following are the documents that you must keep with yourself:

  • Registration Book
  • Record of Tax Token.
  • Delivery Letter.
  • Receipt of Sale
  • Number Plates
  • Original Sale Statement
  • Original Return Folder

Methods of vehicle verification:

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We have come up with the several methods of vehicle verification in Islamabad, that includes both online vehicle verification Islamabad and personal visits/physical verification.

Through Physical/personal visit:

If you are living in Islamabad, and you don’t have enough information regarding vehicle verification process, then visiting excise department, which is near HEC building in sector H-9 Islamabad, is the best option for you. You can discuss your issues and can tell your concerns to the representative in the dept, and gain knowledge from there.

But you should keep in mind following important points before visiting the center:

  • Keep all the necessary documents with you so that you don’t have to visit again and again, and they can do easily your verification process, at once.
  • Know their office timings, do not visit the dept in off-duty timing, otherwise you will have to face a lot of troubles there.
  • Do not visit the department in official holidays too, also do not go there in office break timing or else you will have to wait.

Some Useful details:

  • Address: near HEC building, sector H-9, service road, Islamabad.
  • Contact No: you can also contact them before visiting and ask about required documents and their timings, through these No’s:
  • Phone #: 051-9265588.
  • Mobile #: 03455232512
  • Email address:

Through SMS service:

If you have some knowledge, and you cannot visit in-person the office, so there is another method of verification for you, i.e., excise and taxation’s Islamabad vehicle verification SMS method. This is the most instance one, and it should be your priority.

As per the review for few experts, this process may be unresponsive sometimes, and you have to face delays, but if you are buying vehicle that is registered in Islamabad, then this could be the fastest process for you among others.

In this method, all you have to do is:

  • Go to your mobile phone SMS app.
  • Type your car registration number/licensed plate no in message box section.
  • And send it to 8521.
  • Within few minutes you will receive SMS containing all of your vehicle information.

Through official website:

If the above 2 methods are not feasible for you, like you cannot visit the office and faces some issues in receiving SMS. Then there is another method for you, through which you can verify your car from your homes, online.

This the easiest, seamless, and secure method to perform your verification process, and after physical visit this is the most reliable and recommended method by the excise and taxation department.

You must follow the below given steps in this process:

  • Visit “The excise and taxation department” official website.
  • Scroll down or search for the “online services” option and click on it.
  • Then check the option “vehicle details” and click on it.
  • After this, enter your vehicle registration number in the appeared screen options.
  • And you also have to enter registration date there,
  • In results, you will get all the required information of your vehicle.

Through mobile apps:

There is another method of vehicle verification, and that is through android apps.

There are several private mobile apps developed and present on play store that will assist you and perform your verification process. This is also an effortless method.

But since any of these apps are not acknowledged by the excise and taxation department, so it is a bit risky one. It totally depends upon your choice to avail this option or not. We would suggest that you be careful while using them.

Some of the well-known mobile phone apps for vehicle verification are:

  1. Vehicle Verification
  2. Online Car Verification, Vehicle Verification
  3. Vehicle Verification Online
  4. Vehicle Verification Pakistan

You can search these apps on google play store and download them.

End Result Data of the Process:

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Now as you know all the methods to verify the vehicle that you are going to buy from someone else. And u know that while doing the process online or through SMS, you will receive information regarding the vehicle. So, the end output of your process will contain the following information:

  • Registration Number
  • Registration Date
  • Vehicle type
  • Manufacturing year.
  • Vehicle’s color.
  • Engine No
  • Chassis No
  • Paid Taxes Token
  • Name of the owner


So, make sure to verify the vehicle you are buying from someone else, to protect yourself from future frauds. It is an essential step before making the vehicle purchase.

The Excise and Taxation Department, Islamabad, offers such verification essential services at the official website from the place where one could get its motor/vehicle validated easily.

And even after buying the vehicle/motorbike, you can also use this process to check whether your purchased car is registered under your name or not.

In the last, we have to mention one more thing here, that after NADRA launched smart, chip-centered identity cards, the Excise & Taxation dept has also introduced a smart, chip-based reg-cards for vehicles. That smart card is now replacing the registration book, provided to the owners for many years. So for having ownership proof for future use, always remember to get a hold of your vehicle smart registration card after purchasing a new car/vehicle/bike.

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Here in this article, we have shared all the necessary information and guidelines regarding vehicle verification in Islamabad, hope this would be beneficial for you and the process of verification would be much easy now. You only have to select the method, which is best suitable for you, but be careful in every process.

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