Punjab is at the forefront of implementing the Single National Curriculum


From Monday, the first phase of the Single National Curriculum (SNC) has been implemented in all public and private schools in Punjab.

Punjab has taken the lead in this historic move, becoming the first province to implement the first phase of the SNC from Pre-I to Grade V, while the other provinces have yet to do so.

According to the curriculum, English, Urdu, Islamiat, and Mathematics will be taught from Grade I to Grade V, while General Knowledge will be taught from Grade I to Grade III, and then General Science and Social Studies will be taught in Grades IV and V. Urdu will be used to teach the subject of Social Studies.

According to the new curriculum, Islamiat will be a mandatory subject from Grade I through Grade V, while non-Muslim students will take Religious Education instead of Islamiat. Only Mathematics and General Science will be taught in English, with the remaining disciplines being taught in Urdu.

The development of the Single National Curriculum is being done in three stages. Phase I will concentrate on the development of SNC and textbooks for Pre-K through V classes, while Phase II will concentrate on the development of a curriculum for Grades VI and VIII, which will begin in March 2022.

Phase III will focus on designing an SNC and textbooks for Grades IX and XII, with implementation beginning in March 2023.

From Grade I to Grade XII, Islamiat will be taught as a separate topic in the SNC.

Truthfulness, honesty, tolerance, respect, peaceful coexistence, environmental awareness and care, democracy, human rights, sustainable development, global citizenship, personal care, and safety are among the concepts and traits that the SNC strives to instill in pupils.

It will also place a greater emphasis on the development of analytical, critical, and creative thinking skills through an activities-based approach rather than static teacher-centered learning.

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