Online vehicle verification and registration in Karachi

Suppose you are a citizen of Karachi and want to register and verify your vehicle online. In that case, this article will help you a lot, and it will guide you on how you can register and verify your vehicle online. Here, in this article, we will discuss online vehicle verification Karachi and the registration process.

But, before we go into the details, first, we will briefly discuss the importance of vehicles, how they could be registered and verified, and why we should do this. Nowadays, the use of vehicles for fast transportation has become mandatory in our lives. The term vehicle originating from the Latin word “vehiculum” is defined as carrying or transporting something.

Vehicles have a significant impact on our lives, and whether you are going on your job or going to an educational institute, you will require transportation. In these cases and while traveling from one location to another, shifting large items, receiving speed online shopping delivery, or going to the grocery store or shopping mall, we need transportation. Also, vehicles are used in the sports sector for races; therefore, they play a significant role in our life.

Regardless of where you live, your lifestyle, and your profession, whether the vehicle is a bus, car, bicycle, truck, or private automobile, it is crucial to everyone on the planet. It is a time-saving means and helps you cover a long distance in a short time and reach you at your destination on time.

Vehicletimesaving Registration:

And now, if you are planning to buy a new car, you must register your car ownership. Registration certificate and license plate are issued after paying the fee. When you get the registration certificate, it shows that you have paid the required purchase price plus taxes and are now permitted to drive on public roads. It is incredibly beneficial to the government to track criminals and assessing taxes.

Vehicle Verification:

In case if you cannot afford the branded new car, you can buy used cars; however, never forget to verify that used car. Before dealing, you must ensure that you are making legal transactions and that the automobile will not cause any problem in the future. For this purpose, you can use an online vehicle checker to get information about the vehicle. It will provide all relevant information about the car, including its ownership, fees, and taxes. In this way, you can determine whether or not the vehicle is stolen.

It verifies that the car you are buying is registered with the excise and taxation department, seller’s authenticity, and the car’s legal rights.

it is very important to register and verify your vehicle otherwise, you will have complications in the future.

If your documents are not sufficient, you may be charged a fine or have your luxury vehicle seized.

In this article, we will discuss online vehicle verification Karachi as well as CLCP vehicle verification Karachi. It will help you check the legal rights of the vehicle you are going to buy.

This process is different in all our provinces. Each province has defined its own rules for taxes, verification, and registration of vehicles. Similarly, various rules are defined for Sindh province.

The Excise & Taxation Karachi online vehicle verification:

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The vehicle verification Karachi, Sindh is monitored by the Department of Excise, Taxation, and Narcotics.

According to the official Excise & Taxation website, there are presently 2.6 million registered automobiles in Sindh, and the number is growing by the day. The Excise & Taxation Department is the Government of Sindh’s primary revenue collection agency, and besides other responsibilities, they are also responsible for vehicle registration, as every vehicle, whether private or commercial, is required by law to be registered in order to prove ownership.

You can visit their office and check the ownership of the vehicle. However, visiting to their office for this work is a time-consuming task; thus, thanks to technological advancements, you can now verify the car verification online. And for this purpose, they introduce an online portal for vehicle verification Karachi.


The web platform MTMIS, which Pakistan’s government has implemented in all provinces, is quite simple to use. Similarly, it is also established in Sindh and is affiliated with the excise agency. This online portal helps in keeping all the vehicle registration details. Online system helps people to access anywhere to verify their vehicles, it helps in reducing the fraud dealing plus trade of stolen vehicles. All you need is to simply provide basic information such as the vehicle’s registration number or your CNIC number.

This system also helps in reducing the money and time of a person and the trouble of going to the office to sort out such crucial information and waiting in line for your turn. The advantage of using an online system is that you may access it anytime and anywhere you want. Now, how can we use MTMIS for online verification? The process is following:

Use of MTMIS for online verification in Karachi Sindh:

  • Visit the official website of Sindh Excise and Taxation Department (ENT)
  • Choose the type of vehicle, i.e., four wheelers or two wheelers
  • Enter the vehicle’s registration number
  • Solve the captcha and press the search button.

After verification of the data, you enter it will give you the following information about your vehicle.

  • Registration number
  • Recent Taxes paid or Taxes Due
  • Engine Number
  • Owner Name
  • Class of Vehicle
  • Body Type
  • Model Year
  • Safe Custody
  • CPLC
  • Class of Vehicle
  • Seating Capacity

ePayment GoS:

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Sindh Excise and Taxation department introduces this application for car verification as well as you can check whether your tax is clear or not. You just need to simply open the application, enter the car registration number, and it will tell you whether the vehicle is registered or not, as well as tax information for both four and two-wheelers.

This app permits users to check the validity of a car’s license plate or compute vehicle taxes. By manually entering the car number, the user can confirm the license plate.

Users can check if their vehicle is registered or not, as well as whether their tax is current or not, using this program.

CPLC vehicle verification Karachi

Apart from checking details about vehicle on MTMIS or on Excise and Taxation department official application, another option is also available, you can check the details on CPLC (Citizens Police Liaison Committee). CPLC was founded by the then-Governor of Sindh, Justice (Retd) Fakhruddin G. Ibrahim, a non-political, statutory agency that’s operationally independent and governed by committed citizens who volunteer their services.

CPLC has an extensive database that has all the information about cars on Karachi’s roadways. To inquire about any car, one can visit the CPLC office or contact them.

  1. For vehicle verification, call the CPLC Call Center at 021-35662222 or 021-35682222 anytime.
  2. Provide Registration Number, Engine Number, and Chassis Number for accurate verification to the operator.
  3. The operator then will check the details of the vehicle you want to buy through the CPLC Stolen / Snatched Vehicles Database.

If your car is stolen, you can inform police station and to CPLC vehicle verification Karachi center. Contact them through their helpline and provide them with information about your automobile. This information is also passed on to the Police Control for further broadcasting by CPLC. After obtaining information from Police Control, the data of a stolen car will be entered into the CPLC Database.

Vehicle registration through “SMART CARD”:


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The Sindh government has implemented a new automobile registration system. The MVR smart card, which has security features, replaces the traditional registration book. Sindh Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla claims that it will make it easier for law enforcement officials to determine ownership. According to him, the excise and revenue department has already implemented an online tax payment system.

Sindh Excise and Taxation Department has replaced the old registration book with a ‘Smart Card.’

Furthermore, by simply inputting your CNIC, you can now access important information such as how many vehicles are registered in your name. We’ve included a detailed explanation to assist you in understanding how things work.

When you sell your car, you must take possession of the new owner; yet many people bypass this step when purchasing and selling cars, which is a standard commercial practice in Sindh.


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After reading this article, you will now be aware of different ways that how could you verify and register your vehicle in Karachi, it is very an important factor to verify and register your vehicle before you make a deal. Even you could also check its verification after buying. You ensure that your vehicle is registered in accordance with the applicable laws; this will reduce the insecurities. For peaceful driving experience on the road, you must have a registered car. In the future, if you want to sell your registered car it will not cause any headache for you. All the above methods are introduced for this verification in Karachi.

Sindh’s Online Vehicle Verification will assist you avoid legal problems when buying an automobile. MTMIS Sindh is quite useful in preventing car fraud and scams. Both autos and bikes are covered under MTMIS Sindh.

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