Commercial Vehicles Equipped With CNG Cylinders Are Prohibited From Using Highways And Highways


Commercial vehicle accidents on highways and highways are becoming all too common these days, putting the lives of hundreds of commuters in jeopardy regularly. Several commercial vehicle accidents have been reported due to brake failure, driver inattention, steering or suspension problems, and various other factors.

Because of this possibility, the National Highway and Motorway Police have decided to restrict any commercial vehicle equipped with LPG or CNG cylinders from using highways or motorways. Several of these vehicles are frequently outfitted or stocked with extremely combustible materials, making them more vulnerable to damage in the event of an accident.

The new decision has already taken effect, according to an NHMP official, and owners of vehicles who have not removed the CNG or LPG cylinders following the release of the new directive would face harsh penalties.

The Inspector General of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Kaleem Imam, has ordered gas cylinders to be removed from commercial vehicles immediately. He emphasized that everyone must ensure the safety and security of all travelers. He went on to say that the usage of illegal and dangerous components that could endanger human lives would not be tolerated.

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