Bolan & Ravi To Be Discontinued By Pak Suzuki After 4 Decades


Pak Suzuki has finally opted to replace the Bolan and Ravi that the business has produced in Pakistan for almost four decades. The pair goes back to 1979 and is based on the 7th generation Suzuki Carry ST-90 vehicle.

The Bolan was first introduced in 1982 as the ‘Hi-Roof,’ but was renamed the ‘Bolan’ in 1991 when local assembly at the Bin Qasim facility in Karachi commenced. Since then, it has been one of Pakistan’s most popular goods.

The Engineering Development Board, which regulates the auto sector, has been ordered by the Lahore High Court to make it essential for automakers to construct automobiles with airbags. Because airbags cannot be installed in the Ravi and Bolan, the business will replace them with Suzuki’s ‘Every’ model.

According to the source, EDB Engineer Asim Ayaz revealed that carmakers and importers had been directed to conform to the WP-29 list of internationally acceptable safety requirements, including airbag installation, by the end of 2021. Companies, on the other hand, can get an 18-month waiver.

Due to a lack of Euro-2 compliance, the Suzuki Mehran and Daihatsu Cuore were discontinued in Pakistan. The Bolan and Ravi are likely to follow suit because their interiors lack the room required to install airbags.

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