The Well Of Zam Zam Is A 5000 Years Old Lasting Miracle

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It is one of Islam’s greatest enduring miracles, symbolising God’s mercy. The Well of Zamzam first appeared under the feet of the Prophet Ismael 5,000 years ago, after his mother, Mother Hajra (A.S), Ibrahim’s second wife, travelled seven times between the two hills of Safa and Marwah in search of water to save her thirsty son.

The well’s name is derived from Zome Zome, which means “stop flowing,” and is an order repeated by Mother Hajra (A.S). while she tried to keep the spring, water contained

There are no moss, insects, fungi, or other pollutants in the water from the well. It has a higher concentration of natural minerals than desalinated water. As a result, it has a distinct, intense flavour.

Pilgrims are constantly eager to drink from the well and bring bottles filled with the water back to their homelands because, according to the Prophet Muhammad, it is a natural source of healing for the sick (peace be upon him).

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