Shirts Ridiculing Afghans Falling From Planes Have Been Blasted Online 

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After some internet stores put up for sale a T-shirt depicting Afghans plunging to their deaths from a US evacuation plane, social media users expressed their outrage and disgust.

Hundreds of people were seen sprinting alongside a US Air Force plane as it gathered speed on the runway in a terrifying video from the airport on Monday, with several men desperately clinging to the side.

According to, the garment was found on various online clothing retailers, including Tee4Sport and TShirtAtLowPrice. An Etsy business called ‘conaneShop’ also marketed the outfit, which was available in various colors for both men and women.

The Kabul Skydiving Club Shirt, which depicts a plane flying through the sky with two individuals suddenly plunging from it, has officially become a craze and has gone viral on the Internet.

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