Steve Jobs-Signed Apple II Handbook Sold For $787,484

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If you thought Apple laptops were pricey, wait until you see how much their manuals cost. On Thursday, an Apple II handbook signed by the company’s late co-founder Steve Jobs sold for $787,484 at RR Auction in Boston.

Mike Markkula, an early investor in Apple and its second CEO, has also signed it. Julian Brewer, the son of an entrepreneur who worked with Apple to promote their products in the UK, received the autographed manual while Jobs and Markkula were in the United Kingdom promoting Apple.

The Apple II was the company’s first successful product, released in 1977, and is widely recognised as one of the first mass-market computers. In 1979, VisiCalc, the first computer spreadsheet, was built for the Apple II, extending the computer’s popularity to the corporate industry.

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