Pakistan Is Expected To Be Removed From The ‘Red-List’ By The United Kingdom

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As their governments meet Thursday to update its travel advisory for countries forbidden from flying into the United Kingdom, Pakistan and Turkey are likely to be removed from the UK’s travel red list.

The UK’s travel lite system still allows passengers from 60 nations to enter the country.

Despite the fact that quarantine requirements were eased last month, fully vaccinated travellers are returning from countries on the Amber List to avoid self-isolation. Turkey is included in the UK’s red-light list, which includes 60 countries, and its officials have stated that it will be transferred to the amber list within days.

Only British nationals living in these countries are permitted to travel, and only on the condition that they remain in a hotel for 11 nights after their arrival, at a minimum cost of £2,285 (Rs519,933) for an adult.

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