A 12-year-old boy earns £290,000 through the sale of digital Whale Emojis

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After producing a series of pixelated artworks known as Weird Whales, a 12 years old youngster from London has made over £290000 during the school vacations (NFTs).

NFTs enable artwork to be “tokenized,” resulting in a digital proof of ownership that can be bought and traded. They usually do not give the buyer the original artwork or the copyright to it.

Benyamin Ahmed is storing his profits in Ethereum, the cryptocurrency in which they were purchased.

That implies they can increase or decrease in value and there is no back-up from authorities if they are hacked or compromised in the digital wallet they contain.

Ahmed has developed a digital art collection inspired by Minecraft, which comprises 40 colorful pixels called Minecraft Yee Haa, but he has not sold it for a sumptuous amount. Then he went to see the weird whales afterwards.

Benyamin Ahmed uses his own programme for the production of 3,350 emoji-type whales, employing the popular digital style and a well-known pixelated meme whale image.

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