EVMS Will Process Election Results In 15 Seconds

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Shibli Faraz, the Federal Minister of Science and Technology, stated that the newly created Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs), which took 90 days to develop, will process election results in 15 seconds.

The minister stated that the federal government has been working on election reforms that will make voting fairer and more transparent, as well as enhance democracy.

“We urge the opposition parties to bring their specialists and test the EVMs,” Faraz said, adding that rejecting the machines without inspecting them is unacceptable.

He claimed that, because it is the technological age, Pakistan must adapt to the changing globe and progress toward the usage of technology.

“Around 1.8 million votes are squandered by counting them the traditional way,” Faraz claimed, “but not a single vote would be wasted if EVMs were used.”

Furthermore, Faraz stated that the EVMs will preserve a record of voters and will ensure that voters’ privacy is protected.

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