China sets eye at ‘Digital Silk Road’ on Pakistani Soil

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China is ready to complete the remaining stretch of a cross-border fibre optic cable in Pakistan, completing the Digital Silk Road and fulfilling both nations’ geostrategic objectives.

The fibre cable will connect to the PEACE (Pakistan East Africa Connecting Europe) underwater cable in the Arabian Sea, as well as service countries involved in the BRI and Europe.

The PEACE cable will provide the shortest direct internet connection between participating countries, cutting internet data transfer time in half.

The cable is now being laid between Rawalpindi and the port towns of Karachi and Gwadar, according to the article. “The $240 million initiative, which is a collaboration with Huawei Technologies of China, was approved by the government last week,” the statement continued.

Following the government’s clearance last month to build an Arabian Sea landing station in Karachi, the laying of sea cable in the country’s territorial seas will commence in March.

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