Aid for maternal and children health facilities in Sindh provided by Japan for 31 million dollars

Japan granted aid for the extension of the maternal and child health facilities in Sindh, Pakistan of JPY 3,445 million (about $31.4 million).

The FY2021 Human Resource Development Scholarship Japan will be awarded $2.9million.

Notes to this effect have been exchanged between Matsuda Kuninori, the Japanese Ambassador to Pakistan, and Zulfiqar Haider, the Minister of Economic Affairs’ Supplementary Secretary.

Then Mr. Futa Shigeki, the Chief Representative of the JICA Pakistan Office, and Ms. Syeda Adeela Bokhari, the Minister of Economic Affairs, Joint Secretary, were then signed and exchanged.

The project establishes a mother and children’s health centre in the Hyderabad district in Jamshoro, a medical centre of the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS).

The maternal and child health centres will have a laboratory, a studio, a neonatal intensive care unit, a maternal and foetal intensive care unit, and an outpatient consultation facility in the departments of obstetrics and child paediatrics.

In addition, approximately 120 medical equipment items must be installed, including newborn incubators and ultrasonic diagnostic instruments.

The project will be finalised in August 2024. The inauguration of the centre will significantly improve access to mother and child health services in the neighborhood.

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