AKU’s Portable Ventilator Receives US Patent

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Sources confirmed that a portable ventilator designed by Pakistani researchers at Aga Khan University (AKU) in Karachi has secured a US patent.

Patients with severe types of pneumonia or chronic obstructive lung disease, which are among the leading causes of death in Pakistan, can benefit from the Resuscitation Automation Device (RAD).

“The app also offers hospital workers real-time data about the patient’s condition before he or she arrives at the emergency room, allowing for faster care,” according to AKU.

Typically, such gadgets are large and only available in medical settings. According to the developers, the RAD, which AKU doctors and engineers began creating in 2016, is briefcase-sized and portable. It may be controlled via a smartphone application, allowing emergency department doctors to adjust the device’s settings from afar.

The patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office acknowledges over 20 innovative components of the University’s Resuscitation Automation Device, or RAD, which can provide patients with serious respiratory difficulties with faster, more effective therapy.

Clinical trials on the RAD will begin soon, according to AKU, who added that preliminary tests suggest the device can give a consistent flow of oxygen.

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