Rs. 5.3 Million Highest Registration Fee paid for Mercedes AMG G63 made a new record in Pakistan


According to the recent news, Mercedes AMG G63, registered for Rs. 5.3 Million has recently made a record by been the most expansive vehicle registered in Lahore by the Punjab Excise & Taxation Department.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder worth Rs. 110 Million was previously the most expansive car registered for Rs. 4.5 Million in Lahore, Pakistan.

Currently the highest registration fee is paid by the owner of this new Mercedes that worth Rs. 131.9 Million. This car is owned on bank leases; however, its registration is done under the title of ‘First Habib Modaraba’ that is an Islamic financial institute of Bank Al Habib Ltd.

The registration number for this most expensive registered vehicle has also been unveiled that is AEG-063.

According to the law, the cars or vehicles that cost only up to Rs. 100 Million are allowed to be registered by the Excise & Taxation Department and this is the reason they first abstained to register this vehicle but later after updating the software and reviewing the amendments in legislations for registering supercars, the department successfully registered the vehicle.

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