This IT Company Is Offering A Holiday To Employees To Watch ‘Money Heist’

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A computer firm in India has decided to give its employees a Friday holiday so that they can watch the new season of Money Heist, a Netflix web series, all weekend.

“The management has decided to proclaim a “Netflix and Chill holiday” on September 3, 2021, on the release of Money Heist 5,” according to the notification. “We have taken this initiative not just to save an attack on our emails with false leaves, see mass bunks and numbers being switched off but because we know sometimes moments of chill be the best pills for energy at your work,” the note said, acknowledging that the show’s popularity could lead to a slew of “false leaves.”

“So grab the popcorn, and get prepared to wave a final goodbye to our most beloved professor and the entire cast,” CEO Abhishek Jain wrote in the letter. With this, Verve Logic would like to express its gratitude to all of its employees who have demonstrated an incredible work ethic while working from home and have assisted us in gracefully overcoming adversity. “Ek Break Toh Banta Hai,” as we all know.

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