How to Apply for a Driving License in Sindh?


A license issued by the government allows the holder to operate a motor vehicle. Driving a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle without a license is a criminal offence. The following are the various types of driving license violations:

  • You are using an out-of-date license, or
  • You are driving while your driving license has been suspended.
  • While driving or operating a vehicle, failing to show proof of a valid license.

These are some of the reasons for a driving license violation.

In such type of case, you may have to pay penalties depends on the circumstances, when asked by police officers for a license. Thus, it is very important to keep a license, and all legal documents with yourself when you are traveling. It is critical for a safe and smooth journey.

A driver’s license has many benefits, including the legal authority to drive your vehicle anywhere, because even if you are a professional driver, you are not legally allowed to drive your vehicle if you do not have a driver’s license. Thus, license are issued based on the type of vehicle, and in the event of an emergency (accident), it greatly assists you because your personal information such as name, location, CNIC number, and so on are written there, allowing people to notify your loved ones in the event of an emergency.

An international driver’s license is also obtained through the local driver’s license office. Most airlines require a driver’s license in addition to your boarding pass. Most people don’t like to keep their driver’s license with themselves while driving. But it is very important to keep it with yourself it ensures that government issues the license to a well-trained person, to avoid the accidents. This is critical because it saves most people’s lives by preventing road accidents caused by poor driving.

Not only this, but it is also used at banks, hospitals, and for insurance to help clarify your claims about yourself. Driving is not allowed for less than 18 years old girls and boys, but if you are at least 18 years old, you may drive; however, driving without a license is extremely dangerous for both you and others. Acquiring a license is important in Sindh, like any other part of the world to get rid of penalties and other problems.

This article is about the process that how could a person apply for a driving license Sindh Pakistan.

So, today you will learn that how you can get a driver license in Sindh. You can apply for a driving license Sindh in any of the license centers in the province, but it is a tedious job to go to the offices, waiting for your turn, and spending the whole day in the line. Thus, you can use the Driving License Sindh (DLS) App and apply through this software application.

DLS application

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Under the administration of the Sindh Police, the Driving License Department issues licenses and driving permits to individuals who pass the authority’s testing criteria based on driving ethics, road sense, and traffic rules. Driving License Sindh Pakistan, or DLS, is the department that works for license verification as well as using their online services anyone could take a driving test appointment. Not only this, it has performed others task.

The app was released in 2016 and is currently available to citizens. The app is not only allowing you to apply for the license; it has some other features like giving the theoretical driving test, driving license verification Sindh. In addition, before visiting a center for the practical driving test, pay the driving license fee and even look for the nearest driving license center in Sindh.

Apply for driving license Sindh

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This app could not handle the entire license application process. It is required to visit anyone the license center in Sindh and complete the rest of the process for obtaining a driving permit.

The app gives you an opportunity to take an appointment before visiting the center. When you arrive to the licensing center and when you verify your appointment at the front desk of the licensing center, you will be asked to fill out a registration form and take a photograph on the spot. A doctor will then check your eyesight. The next step is to deposit the fee at the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) counter. This is not the ultimate step. At the last, you will receive your printed license. There are three types of license and you will follow the step according to that type.

3 Types of license

The three types of driving license in Sindh are:

  • Learner’s driving license
  • Permanent driving license
  • International driving permit/license

Each one’s specifics are listed below

Learner’s driving license

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Being a citizen of Sindh and having a minimum age limit, you can apply for this kind of license. The license is valid for one year and then expires. After 45 days for non-commercial driving licenses, all drivers with a learner’s permit can appear at the driving center for mandatory tests. Meanwhile, learners can take a test for a commercial driver’s license after 60 days. The process for obtaining this license is quite easy. The whole process is:

  1. Once you take an online appointment, the next you must go to the license office for further work.
  2. At the license center’s front desk, you will be given a token and a registration form to fill out, then the doctor will examine your body condition (according to the requirement),
  3. Once this process is completed, then you will require visiting NBP (national bank of Pakistan) to deposit the fee amount.
  4. Finally, the officers will verify all documents, and then issue you a printed learner’s license valid for a year.

The fees for new learner’s licenses and renewal of learners are different. The amount also depends on the type of vehicle, as different vehicles have different fees.

Permanent driving license

The Permanent driving license is the second type of driving license Sindh Pakistan. The process for obtaining this license differs from the previous one in a few ways. Next, these licenses are valid for 3 to 5 years. The time duration depends on the amount of fee you deposit at the time of application. The following are the steps involved in obtaining this kind of license:

  1. You can save time by taking online appointments with the DLS Android app
  2. According to the allocated date and time, visit the license center, a token will be handed over to you by the responsible official. The token will then be used in the next process.
  3. When it is your turn, you must provide all the necessary information at the registration counter.
  4. The next step is required to give your picture for license at the “snap counter”.
  5. After that, your physical/ medical examination will be held like the learner’s license. Once it is cleared.
  6. Then a written/sign test will be given to you, where your driving knowledge will be tested. The test includes 25 questions, out of which 18 must be answered correctly. The questions are about traffic signs, road safety, road markings, etc.
  7. Road tests will be conducted after a written test where your ability of driving will be the judge. The test contains questions about the simple driving instructions.
  8. Once you’ve passed all the tests, you’ll need DSP approval on your application
  9. Finally, your documents will be verified and then your legal and official license is ready to print, and it will be handed over to you once it is issued by the authority.

Again, the fee structure varies depending on the type of vehicle as well as the 3-year and 5-year permanent driving licenses.

International driving permit

If you ‘re deciding to shift abroad then, it is better to have an international driving license, it can easily be obtained in Sindh. The steps for acquiring this permit are:

  1. Make an appointment through DLS.
  2. On the day of appointment, visit the nearest licensing center.
  3. You will be given a token at the front desk.
  4. Wait for your turn, an officer will perform your medical examination, it is required for any driving permit
  5. Next, you will be asked to complete your registration formalities.
  6. At the “snap counter”, your picture will be captured for license ​
  7. You will be asked for a fee at the “fee counter”
  8. After completing the whole process, your documents will be verified, and you will be issued your international driving permit.

Additional Requirements for international permit:

Along with CNIC, the candidate must have a valid passport/visa, a valid domestic driving license. The normal charge for an overseas driving permit is PKR 500, and the urgent fee is PKR 1050.

Sindh Driving Licensing Offices

Sindh has nearly 26 license centers that issue driving permits. The offices are open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Driving license verification Sindh

Driving license check Sindh services are now available for Sindh citizens. By downloading the DLS app from the google play store or visiting the Official Website of Driving License Sindh anyone can confirm the authenticity of a driving license in Sindh. while Overseas Pakistanis can contact DLS at if they want to use the verification services or if they have any questions about their driving license.

The whole processes for three all types of license are discussed as well as how you can verify your license whether you are a local person or overseas Pakistani. It would be great helpful if you are planning to acquire a new license or renew a current license.

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