‘Codematic’s Universal TV Remote App’ is Pakistan’s first app to reach 100 million play store downloads

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Codematics Inc. is principally responsible for developing the ‘Universal TV Remote Control application. The download numbers for the first Pakistani apps and play stores are above 100 million.

It operates in over 100 countries worldwide. This application offers several practical features that support Simple and Smart TV types.

This remote control application works primarily in two ways. One is for Smart TV and another. Your smartphone needs an IR Blaster for an older or simple TV.

This allows for the use of infrared rays between TV devices and smartphones. It’s everything under your fingers now, TV remote.

The only requirement for a Smart TV device is for the Smart TV and smartphone to connect to the same wireless network.

The application works fine with this pairing. For many users, this is a suitable technique because practically anyone today has a Smart TV in their residences, offices, hotels, etc.

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