The Federal Directorate Of Education Has Established A Dress Code For Male And Female Educators


Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) requested that female teachers refrain from wearing jeans and tights, while male teachers are prohibited from wearing jeans and t-shirts.

All principals have been instructed to guarantee that their male and female teaching and non-teaching employees maintain personal hygiene, including regular haircuts, beard trimming, nail cutting, and perfume use.

“All heads of institutions/section in-charges shall guarantee that every staff member adopts reasonably excellent measures in their physical appearance and personal hygiene,” the director academics wrote in a letter.

The regulating authority has advised a “basic and decent shalwar kameez/trousers shirt with dupatta/shawl” for female teachers. Only formal footwear, such as pumps, loafers, and mules, is permitted. However, due to the long hours spent teaching, comfortable shoes such as sneakers and sandals can be used.

Males are not permitted to wear any informal clothing, including chains and slippers. Long hair and ponytails are no longer permitted. It goes on to say that male teachers can wear sweaters and patterns in the winter and must wear waistcoats with their shalwar kameez in the summer.

According to the letter, research has shown that clothing has an impact on the perception of spectators, whether students or others. Based on the likelihood and behavioral pattern of students, an outlook imposes a very favorable expectation.

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