Horrific Honda Civic crash survivor reported that Cruise control stoped even when brakes were applied


Earlier this week, an accident occurred on the highway near Bhera, Sargodha, in which a 10th generation Honda Civic was ripped apart. Fortunately, the driver survived with only minor injuries despite the fact that he was on the verge of death.

A video and a survivor’s WhatsApp Voice Note showing how the accident took place today in the social media. He had programmed the cruise control of the car at 125 kph, according to his statement.

The train locked the system for unexplained reasons, leading the car to lose control in high-speed conditions when it pressed on the brake and shut off the cruise control near the Bhera interchange.

“Approximately ten times before the vehicle hit a tree from centre, the car flipped and divided into half. The rear half was left on the way and the front half I was in ended up along the side of the road, while the roof was transported into the forthcoming lane,” he added.

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