Shibli Faraz Announces Prize For Hacking New Voting Machines

Tech and Telecom

Shibli Faraz, the Federal Minister of Science and Technology, stated on Friday that the government will reward anyone who hack locally manufactured gadgets with a cash incentive.

The minister told reporters that if any hackers succeed in hacking the EVM, which has become a fresh point of dispute between the government and the opposition, the government will provide a Rs1 million prize.

Faraz said that 400,000 devices were built domestically at a cost of between Rs70,000 and Rs75,000 each unit.

He claimed that the majority of the ECP’s arguments presented in its report to the Senate Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs constitute a “charge sheet” against it.

He explained that the EVM makes voting easier, and that the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) should avoid making it a point of contention.

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