Pakistan Establishes Three Markets Near The Iranian Border


Pakistan announced the opening of three marketplaces along the border with Iran on Tuesday. The two neighbors’ bilateral trade is valued at $359 million.

In a series of tweets, Abdul Razzak Dawood, the prime minister’s trade advisor, verified the news, adding that work is on to complete three more markets in southwestern Balochistan province’s bordering districts.

According to Dawood, the markets’ establishment aims to boost bilateral trade between the two countries. In a follow-up tweet, the adviser stated that these will not only improve bilateral trade, but will also bring economic possibilities and nourishment to people living along the border.

He continued, “It will also bring economic opportunity and nourishment to people living in border areas (of both countries).”

The two countries are pondering several options, including a free trade pact, to increase their meagre bilateral trade volume.

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