Vibrations From Motorcycles Can Harm iPhone Camera Systems, According To Apple

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Apple has issued a warning to iPhone users that strong vibrations can damage their cameras. Vibrations, such as those caused by motorcycles, can harm iPhone camera systems, according to the tech giant Apple.

Because high-power or high-volume motorcycle engines produce potentially harmful high-amplitude vibrations, the business advises against mounting your phone to your motorcycle.

Engine vibrations can affect optical image stabilization and closed-loop focusing systems, which assist capture clean, sharp photographs by compensating for movement.

As a result, the phones should not be hooked to powerful motorcycles for navigation purposes, according to Apple’s support page.

“The lens changes according to the angle of the gyroscope to eliminate image motion and the resulting blur,” Apple explains.

Closed-loop auto-focus, on the other hand, is designed to withstand the effects of gravity and vibration to assure perfect focus in stills, movies, and panorama photos.

“Long-term direct exposure to high-amplitude vibrations in specific frequency ranges may damage the performance of these devices and result in lower image quality in photos and movies. It’s best not to expose your iPhone to prolonged high-amplitude vibrations “Apple clarifies.

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