Australian Special Plane Lands In Islamabad To Evacuate Citizens

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A Qantas 787-9 Dreamliner has been spotted in Pakistan by keen planes spotters. VH-ZNK arrived in Islamabad on Wednesday afternoon following a nonstop flight from Darwin of 4,964 miles (7,989 kilometres).

After the flying operation was suspended, a special plane landed at Islamabad airport to remove Australian residents who had become stuck in Pakistan.

Australian citizens who were trapped in Pakistan after aircraft operations in Sydney were halted will board the jet.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has allowed the Australian airline’s Boeing787 to land at the Islamabad airport, and it will depart for Melbourne on Thursday afternoon, according to information.

The Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA) is likely to see a rise in revenue as a result of special flight operations to aid Afghan evacuees.

The Islamabad airport has stayed in the spotlight in recent days as it was put in charge of coordinating evacuation planes from Afghanistan following the Taliban’s takeover.

450 flights landed and took off from Islamabad International Airport, according to reports. The evacuations from Afghanistan included planes from coalition forces and other airlines, as well as seven aircraft from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

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