Holders of Pharm.D or DPT degree can now add Dr. to their names

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has allowed the holders of Pharmacy Doctor’s (Pharm.D) and Physical Therapy Doctor’s (DPT) degrees to use the ‘Dr.’ prefix with names. The HEC authorized holders of Pharm.D and DPT degrees to use the ‘Dr’ designation on the recommendations of the relevant national curriculum review committees before their names (NCRCs).

The HEC stated, in an official statement, that “the nomenclatures of these degrees are enough to identify their professionals in respect of the usage of the prefix ‘Dr.’ by pharm.d and DPT professionals.’ The NCRCs have therefore recommended that Pharm.D and DPT graduates use the ‘Dr’ prefix with name. It is therefore urged to comply with the HEC Directives by all relevant healthcare institutions.

It is worth remembering that last month, after its 63rd union conference on 13 August, the University of Health sciences (UHS) Lahore outlawed the use of the title ‘Dr.’ by professionals from Pharm.D and DPT.

The Lahore University of Hospital has told all its constituents and affiliates that the “Dr.” prefix cannot be used by other professionals save those who have a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) and a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS).

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