US TV Host Glenn Beck Lauds PM Imran Khan For Help With Afghan Evacuations

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Glenn Beck, a prominent US radio broadcaster and TV personality, praised Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan for his great assistance to the safe evacuation of Afghans.

The CEO of Mercury Radio Arts, whose charity has helped with evacuations from the war-torn country since the Taliban took power, released a series of tweets in which he praised Khan as the sole leader who reacted to the cries for assistance.

In addition, he praised Prime Minister Imran Khan for his support for the cause and assistance in transporting people out of the war-torn country, particularly Afghan female players.

It is mention-worthy that Glenn Beck, was trapped in Mazra-i-Sharif during the Taliban takeover, praised Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, noting that no other world leader had taken the initiative to remove stranded Afghans.

We reached out and asked numerous leaders and civil societies around the world for help and Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan responded with determination and without hesitation,” He also stated that he will provide more information – regarding the correspondence – the following day.

Pakistan has been actively assisting with evacuation attempts since the US pullout from Afghanistan.

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