Japan To Invest $100m In Pakistan’s Hybrid Automobile Industry


Japan is to invest $100 million in Pakistan’s automobile industry in order to begin production of hybrid vehicles.

Both sides addressed the future plan to boost bilateral cooperation between the two nations during a meeting between Adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood and Japan Ambassador Kuninori Matsuda.

According to a news statement released by the Ministry of Commerce, the Japanese ambassador revealed that Toyota Corporation of Japan would invest roughly $100 million in making and exporting hybrid vehicles from Pakistan.

Pakistan is developing in the right direction,” Dawood remarked. With Japan’s help, we are now focusing on industrialization, increasing productivity, and keeping up with the latest technologies by modernizing our infrastructure.”

The Japan Diplomat extended an invitation to Dawood to visit Japan, which he accepted. Aspects of bilateral cooperation and the organization of economic forums were also covered at the conference. The possibility of Japan providing aid for infrastructure and facility upgrades in several industries such as fisheries, salt, and food processing was also discussed.

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