MG Pakistan To Sue Maligning Campaigns Against Its Brand


MG Pakistan has been in the main picture since it first came to Pakistan. The automaker was in hot water with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) a few months ago over an alleged under-invoicing controversy, which was later resolved after the company was found clean. At the same time there were people who lauded its value for money vehicles.

Recent social media engagements tell that the corporation is still encountering difficulties in finding a spot in Pakistani automobile industry. It was observed that senior leadership of the company prompted a warning to those who are spreading “baseless rumors and maligning campaigns against it.’’

MG Pakistan said in an official statement that specific persons or incorporated businesses are actively engaging in its defamation; however, no names were disclosed. The statement added that it reserved the right to take legal action against them under state law.

Afridi shared a photo on social media with a statement in which he framed those speaking out against MG, claiming that their claims are unfounded and called them “keyboard warriors hired by competition.

The company declared that it is open to constructive competition among all market competitors, but that it will fight back against any defamation using legal methods to defend itself.

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