5 Mobile Phone Will Be Allowed To Import Annually For Personal Use – PTA

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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has come up with the “Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations 2021.” According to this model, a person can now import 5 mobile devices for his personal use in one year.

PTA has taken this step in order to limitize the number of imported phones. Recently it has also increased taxes on imported devices so that consumers will buy locally assembled phones. In this regard, Vivo, Tecno and Realme are mentionworthy names.

The PTA wants the device to utilize allocation codes rolled by GSMA, backed up by an approval certificate. PTA also focused limiting the number of imported mobile devices per person per year. Moreover, imported phones will also be limited to those who have received compliance certificates from the agency.

If the applicant is a foreign entity, the following documents must be provided as part of the type approval process: I company registration, (ii) authorization from the board of directors to apply for the PTA type approval, and (iii) shareholder details of the board of directors of the manufacturer of the devises.

All type approval holders and persons importing PTA type approved terminal equipment and mobile devices for sale and marketing in Pakistan must ensure that they will establish a customer service or after-sales mechanism for the convenience of their customers. They are also required to obtain the COC for parts imported for after-sales provision through the Type Approval Technical Standards Regulations.

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