Befiler and Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Join Hands to Promote Tax Filing


Befiler and Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan (DIB) have come together to facilitate DIB’s customers in tax filing with an ambition to promote tax compliance culture among the banking customers, using Befiler’s digital platform. The bank will act as a facilitator of the service by offering support to its customers to avail benefits of being a filer including but not limited to, reduced rates of taxes.

As part of this partnership, Dubai Islamic Bank customers will be able to file their tax returns using Befiler app and/or portal, and to receive support and guidance from Befiler consultants to effectively engage with the process and become part of Active Taxpayer’s List (ATL).

Befiler believes that through use of technology and its digital platform, the entire ecosystem of tax filing and compliance can be automated, making it easy and simple for tax payers leading to greater number of citizens becoming compliant without shying away due to its complicated nature of filing. Befiler has already simplified the tax filing process by offering a step-wise process that allows users to enter their tax related information in question answer format. Along with the easy format, free facilitation is provided that also aims to build general understanding tax payers.

“Befiler and Dubai Islamic Bank coming together is a demonstration of their collaboration for common purpose of promoting tax filing culture in Pakistan. It is important to understand the challenges in the traditional process including complication in the process, difficult to receive quality service at a reasonable price, and transparency in the process. Befiler is hitting all these areas to offer a tax filing solution that is easy, provides quality service at a nominal price, and empowers the users during the process to have complete control of their information”, said Akbar Tejani, CEO Befiler.

On the occasion of signing ceremony Mr. Junaid Ahmed, CEO Dubai Islamic Bank said, “This initiative highlights our commitment to facilitate Dubai Islamic Bank customers in understanding the importance of tax filing and to equip them with necessary ease in understanding the filing process. We [Dubai Islamic Bank & Befiler] are working to contribute towards a more inclusive tax filing culture in Pakistan by using technology in reaching out to a greater number of citizens to receive incomparable service at a discounted price”.

Befiler app can be downloaded from PlayStore, or visiting

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