Mesmerizing Sand Art Tribute To Ruler Of Dubai At Pakistani Beach

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A group of sand artists paid tribute to Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai  by creating a massive portrait of the Dubai Ruler and the Expo logo on a beach in their hometown of Pasni, Pakistan.

Jam Kamal, CM of Balochistan, lauded artists from Pasni city for sketching enormous image of Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on the beach. This expo is set to take place in Dubai in October of this year.

CM Kamal praised the artist via tweet, he said, “Pasni artisans from Balochistan display a distinct manner of art with perfection and harmony.”

It’s worth noting that these artists have previously sketched portraits of other people which include Baloch vocalists Noor Khan Bizenjo, Nako Faizak, and Atashad appear in these sketches.

According to sources artists behind this work were Zubair Mukhtar, Bihar Ali Gohar, and Hussain Zeb for the marketing of Expo 2020. On the shore of Pasni, the sand art measures 7562 feet and covers 3,534 square feet. The massive beach sketch has been dubbed the largest beach sketch ever created in Pakistan.

Massive portraits are difficult to design. It necessitates a huge space, and after hours of labour, the artwork only lasts a few hours before being carried away by the waves.

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