Report in the French media reveals Indian propaganda against Pakistan

Fawad Chaudhry, Pakistan’s Minister for Information and Broadcasting stated on Saturday that a European TV channel has exposed Indian media’s fabrications about the Pakistan Air Force (PAF) starting an operation in Panjshir, Afghanistan.

The minister released a video report from the French TV channel France 24 in a tweet, claiming that Indian media picked up an unverified video footage from Afghan media and portrayed it as the PAF striking militants hostile to the Tal!ban after the Tal!ban took control of the country.

Republic TV and Zee Hindustan in India released footage from the video game Arma-3, claiming that the PAF was attacking anti-Tal!ban fighters. Fawad claimed that the same film was also utilised by Indian television networks Times Now, Naubharat, and Zee Hindustan to disseminate anti-Pakistan propaganda.

International media is increasingly exposing India’s propaganda and fake news against Pakistan, according to the minister.

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