PCB decided to construct a 5-star hotel near Karachi’s National Stadium

Aqeel Karim Dhedhi (AKD), a business mogul, has told Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ramiz Raja that he will invest in the construction of a five-star hotel around the National Stadium in Karachi.

On Monday, PCB chairman Ramiz Raja met with top business leaders in Karachi at the AKD headquarters, where he discussed ways to strengthen the cricket economy in Pakistan. AKD promised Ramiz that he would fund the development of a 200-room five-star hotel near the National Stadium on his own. He told him it would be simple for him to contribute $8-9 million to the project.

The goal of building a hotel near the stadium is to accommodate visiting international teams while also improving on the security precautions made by PCB. Ramiz agreed that this was a good concept and that he hoped to work on it soon.

“We had a productive meeting here with AKD and others, and we are excited to collaborate.” AKD is our opening batsman, and he has pledged his whole support for cricket development,” Ramiz stated.

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