The Prices of Petrol Expected to Grow More in Pakistan

It has been stated by the finance committee of Pakistan, that the Oil and gas Regulatory authority (OGRA) has calculated that the Prices of Petrol are being increased from Rs. 5 to Rs. 6 due to the higher cost of petrol in the international Market, another reason for that is the exchange rate fluctuations during the last couple of weeks.

It has been announced by the government to increase the prices of Petroleum, as per according to the international market petroleum prices currently going on.

Among all the fuel systems, i-e Petrol is 127.30 PKR, kerosene is 99.31 PKR, diesels are 99.51 PKR, high speed diesel is 122.04 PKR. Petrol is the most expensive fuel nowadays. At the time this statement was being written, the prices of Crude oil had risen significantly at the time this comment was published.

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