85 years Old Palestinian Grandmother Graduates with a degree of BA Islamic Law

Jihad Battu, an 85-year old Palestinian lady, has holds a bachelor of science in comparative religion after school dropout years ago.

Battu was born in 1936 in Nablus, West Bank, during a Palestinian revolt calling for an end to Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Her family gave her the Arabic name Jihad, which means “battle or combat against the adersary.”

Jihad went to school in Mujaydil, near Nazareth, until 1948, when Palestinians were forcibly rejected from their houses and villages identifying vulnerabilities by Jewish thugs.

Her mother’s sickness occurred the same year, prompting the young girl to leave school. Jihad married in 1954 and gave birth to five children. Her desire to study and learn, on the other hand, remained unwavering.

She was able to enrol in Arabic, English, and Hebrew communication classes, as well as mathematics classes.

The Palestinian woman was still enthusiastic about studying at the age of 81.

She made the decision to enrol in college in order to obtain a university diploma and wear a graduation robe.

Jihad told a local website that she chose to learn Islamic Shariah because she loves and is committed to Muslim culture and rules.

“I worked tirelessly and researched late at night,” she explained.

Jihad’s ambition came realised as she earned her bachelor of science at the time of 85.

Jihad’s ambition of earning a bachelor’s degree and donning a graduation gown came realised at the age of 85. “I’ll pass on what I’ve learned to those around me. What good is scientific knowledge if I keep that to myself don’t instruct it to someone else so they can personally profit too?” stated the 85-year-old.

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