Brandverse Introduces Artificial Intelligence Photography in Pakistan

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Brandverse, a company that has been the pioneer in bringing innovation & disrupting the ecommerce content space in Pakistan is now launching cutting-edge fashion photography solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to help brands make the most of the e-commerce opportunity.

With COVID-19 pandemic, brands have struggled to cut down costs while catering to the increasingly demanding digital consumer who prefers to shop online. For such clientele, Brandverse has been providing one stop solutions for fashion and product photography through its bleeding edge automated photography and service delivery solution that helps their clients get products online faster, better and cheaper. In line with its mantra of continuously innovating and pushing the envelope, Brandverse has now launched AI powered fashion photography which is a cost effective, hassle free, solution that affords brands unprecedented flexibility.

Brands can now choose from a panel of digital models from anywhere in the world, simply send in their products to Brandverse and receive high quality images on a model, without the model ever having to come in for the shoot! This saves the hassle and cost associated with arranging the talent every time for a shoot. Brands can also choose models belonging to different ethnicities and body shapes and sizes, and customize the presentation of their products easily for their intended audience or market, increasing conversion rates. When scaled, the Brandverse AI-powered fashion photography service, the clients can enjoy a production experience that is 5 times faster and upto 75% cost savings.

Recent industry research reveals that there is a 15% increase in online conversion rates when clothing is shown on-model as opposed to lay-flat photos. When clothing was shown with a realistic body shape and size, customers’ intent to buy increased 200%. Research also showed that women of color were 1.5 times more likely to purchase a product advertised with a model of color.

Raza Matin, CEO and Co-founder of Brandverse commented, “whilst the future of fashion will undoubtedly center around human beauty, advances in artificial intelligence offer unprecedented new opportunities for Pakistani businesses looking to cater to both local and foreign audiences and markets. Whether it’s for your e-commerce or your catalog, our new AI-powered fashion photography service allows businesses to personalize the presentation of their products with incredible ease and efficiency.”

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