London Red Bus campaign promotes Lahore as destination for foreign investment


The city of Lahore has been projected globally in London, as a private real estate company has launched a campaign in several parts of London to showcase Lahore’s rich heritage on 150 of London’s iconic red buses to promote ‘LAHORE – The Heart of Pakistan.’

150 buses bearing the banners ‘LAHORE – The Heart of Pakistan’ will pass through London on some of the busiest routes until the middle of November 2021.

Diyar Homes, the developers of the $30 million luxury real estate development One Canal Road in Lahore, have launched a mega campaign on 150 of London’s iconic red buses to promote Lahore as a travel and investment destination. They recently announced their collaboration with leading Italian fashion house VERSACE Ceramics.

Outside UK Parliament, 10 Downing Street, Edgware Road, Oxford Circus, Trafalgar Square, Park Lane, Bond Street, South Kensington, East London, Embankment, and Willesden Green, red London buses bearing the slogan ‘LAHORE – The Heart of Pakistan’ pass.

Shaan Abbas, director of Diyar Homes UK, told the media during the inauguration of the buses that Lahore has undergone a $10 billion urban transformation in recent years, confirming its position as Pakistan’s cultural and economic heart.

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