The early entrepreneur’s corridor Islamabad-Tehran-Istanbul is now open for business

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Under the Transports Clients as part Routiers (TIR) treaty, the first received The national Logistics Company (NLC) trucks transporting commodities from Pakistan arrived in Turkey via Iran.

The inauguration of the tri-national highway system was commemorated with a celebration at Istanbul’s Murat Bey Customs Post.

According to a public announcement, the NLC trucks left Karachi on September 28 and arrived in Istanbul on October 7, completing a distance of 5300 kilometres.

Administration officials from the Turkish Ministry of Transport and Transportation systems, Ministry of Trade, Chamber of Commerce & Commodity Transactions of Turkey (TOBB), International Road Transport Union (IRU), ECO Secretariat, Transport Ministry of the Islamic Republic of Iran, NLC, members and representatives of the Turkish private sector involved in transportation, and Pakistan Diplomat to Turkey, Muhammad Syrus Qazi, followed by Pakistan Embassy and Embassy staff General lawmakers

The ceremony was also attended by Umberto de Pretto, the Secretary General of the International Rugby Union (IRU), who is based in Geneva. The development was praised by all stakeholders as a critical step toward improving connectivity and trade between Pakistan and Turkey.

In his remarks, Minister Syrys Qazi emphasised Pakistan’s focus on geoeconomics and the importance of regional connections in this respect.

He praised the NLC truck testing as a historic gesture that will improve road connections between Pakistan and Turkey while also promoting bilateral trade.

The envoy stated that putting this road link into service will assist cut transportation costs and time.

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