In 2020, Apple said it saved 861,000 Metric tonnes of Copper, tin and Zinc ore by removing Adapters from iPhone boxes

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Apple said with the debut of the iPhone 12 series that the charger and earpods would no longer be included in the retail package.

While many speculated that the decision was made to increase Apple’s profit margins, the company claimed that it sought to lessen its carbon impact by using fewer plastic components. This was a significant step toward the company’s aim of becoming carbon neutral by 2030.

Apple has now published the Ecological Progress Report, which claims that by removing solar chargers from iPhone boxes, the firm saved 861,000 metric tonnes of copper, tin, and zinc ore in only the last year.

“Like the 40% recyclable materials in the New Macbook with Retina screen, and the 99 percent reused tungsten we now employ in iPhone 12 and Apple Watch Series 6,” Apple claims.

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