Befiler Partners with KCCI to Facilitate its Member in Tax Filing for a Compliant Business Sector


Befiler signed an MoU with Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI), the largest chamber of the country with an aim to help small businesses and their employees in tax filing and promoting tax compliance culture in the business community. Befiler offers a seamless, quick, and secure NTN registration, and tax filing digital experience to individuals and businesses.

As part of this partnership, KCCI members will be able to file their tax returns using Befiler app and/or portal, and receive support and guidance from Befiler’s consultants to effectively engage with the process and become part of Active Taxpayer’s List (ATL).

KCCI with over 25,000 direct members, both industrialists and traders with an aim to improve Pakistan’s business environment and economic wellbeing, especially in Karachi with seven industrial Town Associations affiliated with the chamber is now taking a step towards a responsible and tax compliant institution. Through this partnership KCCI is sending a strong message to its members in particular and citizens of Pakistan in general regarding its determination to foster a disciplined and compliant business environment.

Befiler is Pakistan’s largest & only digital tax filing platform offering truly digital NTN registration and tax filing experience. Befiler provides its services, and additional support through calls, live chat, and whatsapp to its clients. This partnership highlights Befiler’s wide acceptance, and credibility in Individual and Business sectors alike. Befiler believes that through the use of technology and its digital platform, the entire ecosystem of tax filing and compliance can be automated, making it easy and simple for tax payers leading to greater number of citizens becoming compliant. Bringing digital solution to the business community is a move in the right direction given the scope for growth, systematic reforms and bringing agility to processes through the use of technology.

On the occasion of signing ceremony Mr. Muhammad Idrees, President KCCI said, “We are excited to have partnered with Befiler. The incredible ease in the previously tiresome process brought forward by Befiler will allow us to help in promoting tax compliance for businesses and their employees. The ten minute exercise of becoming a filer will allow thousands of individuals and businesses to consider becoming compliant without fearing the complexity and heavy charges associated with the process. We are thankful for the discounted offering by Befiler to our members that goes to show their commitment for promoting the tax compliance culture in Pakistan”.

“The idea behind making Befiler was to address the low tax collection in Pakistan. The documentation culture is yet to find its roots in large portion of our population, as there is reluctance to file tax returns even when the taxes are already being paid in advance by the business community. Another important aim of Befiler is to allow dissemination of tax related knowledge and guidance to engage & empower more and more people with the process so they can benefit from becoming compliant.”, said Akbar Tejani, CEO Befiler. 

Befiler can be contacted for free consultation regarding business filing at

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